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Oh, snap! Denver bar’s marquee accuses Tom Brady of wearing women’s undergarments (photo)


There is no way to know what exact route the bus that takes the New England Patriots from the airport to the hotel will take once the team arrives in Denver, but if by some chance Tom Brady looks out the window and sees this marquee hanging outside a Denver bar? Well, consider his confidence, self-esteem and sense of manhood sapped. Just in time for Sunday’s AFC Championship game against the hometown Denver Broncos.

I mean, how is a man to recover from such a mocking slight at his masculinity? Read it: “BRADY WEARS WOMENS UNDERWEAR” (the tavern must have lost the apostrophe tab thingy). Odds are if Tommy Terrific saw that, he would become a blubbering ball of Brady.

If given the opportunity, how would Brady respond to such an unprovoked attack? Sure, he could say he’s immensely rich. Oh, and tremendously successful in his career, playing arguably the most violent game in the world. And we mustn’t forget he’s married to a stunning supermodel who doesn’t care when he watches football.

Crap, who cares if Tom Brady wears women’s underwear? The guy is living the dream, man. While sipping on frozen margaritas.

And still, bravo, random Denver bar. Not only did the bar ingratiate itself to Denver Broncos fans, they really zinged Brady. Check and mate.

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