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#LeBroning, which makes fun of LeBron James’ penchant for flopping, is a thing now (videos)


In what must be the first sports-related meme of 2014, folks on Vine and Instagram and what have you have taken to demonstrating the act of “#LeBroning,” which makes fun of LeBron James’ apparent penchant for committing egregious acts of flopping.

The meme is in its infancy, but as noted by The Postgame, there is a bevy of evidence that LeBron does in fact flop quite a bit, as evidenced by the video below, which is one of many available on YouTube which showcase King James’ affinity for shamelessly exhibiting the flopping qualities of the common crappie.

Below are some of the initial online offerings of folks #LeBroning. Enjoy.


From the looks of it, the act of #LeBroning” is being perpetrated by the younger generation … kids to the layperson.

Damn kids with their highfalutin Internet hijinks, tomfoolery and chicanery. At least they’re getting some kind of exercise while doing it, I guess. That’s a good thing in this day and age.

[BuzzFeed (where many more examples are showcased)]