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Larry David was prettay prettay prettay bored during OT of New York Knicks game (video)

Larry David, a funnyman of some renown who is known for his often histrionic and excitable behavior, evidently was not excited in the least, appearing to be quite bored — or at least very tired — while seated courtside as the New York Knicks hosted the Phoenix Suns on Monday night at Madison Square Garden.

The game went into overtime and during the later stages of OT — in a game the Knicks went on to win by a score of 98-96, the team’s fifth win in a row — David was seen smack dab in the middle of a major yawn.

David previously was captured in a photograph earlier this season looking quite displeased while again seated courtside at a Knicks game. Hopefully, David continues to attend Knicks games so we can marvel at his less-than-joyous demonstrations of how utterly underwhelmed he is at taking in an NBA game. An overtime game, even.