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Jim Harbaugh has no issues with Seattle Seahawks’ ticket sale restrictions, says, ‘I respect it’


(Now that’s the unhinged reaction we were looking for)

One would suspect that the fiery Jim Harbaugh would take issue upon hearing the news that the Seattle Seahawks implemented a very strict policy regarding the sale of tickets to Sunday’s NFC Championship Game between the hometown ‘Hawks and its bitter rivals, the San Francisco 49ers at CenturyLink Field.

According to an report, the Seahawks will only allow ticket purchases to credit cards bearing addresses in Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Alaska and Hawaii, as well as the Canadian provinces. Of course, that leaves 49ers fans residing in California on the outside looking in.

Obviously, there are a multitude of ways to work around the policy — which has a goal of preserving Seattle’s considerable home-field advantage — presumably beginning with seeing what’s available on the secondary ticket market.

But in the end, it’s a clever gambit by the Seahawks, and one that is admired by the unlikeliest of individuals, Jim Harbaugh.

Shockingly, Harbaugh has no issue with the stringent anti-Californian policy. In fact, he actually likes it (via the San Jose Mercury News):

“Well, it’s within the rules,” Harbaugh said Monday. “It’s within the spirit of the rules of the National Football League. I actually respect it, what you’re trying to do for your team, put them in the best possible position to win that you can.

“And I respect that their organization does that for their team. They do that in a lot of ways, with their team, with their fans, with their organization. So, what do I think of it? I respect it.”

Harbaugh clearly understands that complaining about it wouldn’t make a lick of difference, but it is nevertheless interesting the coach didn’t seize the opportunity to take a potshot — be it veiled or otherwise — at the Seahawks.

But in the end, the policy is a clear example of “No Harm, No Foul,” as the NFL as indicated that the league has no issue with the mandate as teams are allowed to implement their own procedures as it relates to ticket sales.

In fact, the Denver Broncos similarly instituted the almost-exact policy for ticket sales to Sunday’s AFC Championship Game at┬áSports Authority Field at Mile High against the New England Patriots.

And still, a Jim Harbaugh meltdown would have been nice. As an alternative, here’s Harbaugh singing some Johnny Cash during a press conference on Monday:

Not bad, but not as great as Harbaugh losing it over nothing.