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Colorado craft brewers unhappy with Peyton Manning for Bud Light mention, send him good beer (pic)


On Sunday following the Denver Broncos’ playoff win over the San Diego Chargers, Peyton Manning attempted to sidestep questions about concerns over the condition of his neck by saying, “What’s weighing on my mind is how soon I can get a Bud Light in my mouth,” he said. “That’s priority number one.”

Of course, any beer connoisseur — or anyone, you know, with functioning taste buds — was aghast over Manning’s choice of beer — watered-down, tasteless swill, in my opinion — especially in the beer-rich environs of Colorado, which arguably has the greatest concentration of excellent craft brewers and respected microbreweries in the nation.

The owners of said microbreweries were out in full-force on Monday, condemning Manning for opting to drop a Bud Light mention when so many more full-flavored, quality beers are available practically right outside his doorstep.

Strange Brewing Company’s Jules Hoekstra, whose operation is a mere few blocks away from Sports Authority Field, pleaded with Manning to throw his support behind the Colorado brewing industry if he is going to mention beer at all.

“While we like that Peyton can appreciate our large brewing industry in Colorado,” he said. “We would love if he could support our small brewing community.”

Hoekstra offered Manning a chance to sample his company’s many fine offerings.

“Peyton, we have 16 beers on tap,” he said. “I’m sure out of all of those beers you can find something that you would like and possibly even love and drink for many days to come.”

Charlie Berger, co-owner of Denver Brewing Company, concurred with his quality beer-producing colleague.

“Peyton said that? Peyton Manning? He’s in Denver,” Berger said. “He’s the quarterback of the DENVER Broncos. In Denver, we know beer. Peyton should stick to football; we’ll stick to beer.”

Berger also suggested that Manning expand his beer-drinking horizons before next weekend’s AFC Championship Game against the New England Patriots.

“Hopefully next week in the press conference, he’ll say, ‘I can’t wait to get a graham cracker porter in my mouth.’ I hope so.” Berger added, “Remember Peyton: better ingredients, better beer,” alluding to Manning’s business relationship with Papa John’s, which includes ownership of several pizza franchises in the Denver area.

Another brewery, Left Hand Brewing Company, took it a step further by sending Manning a letter along with  a case of one of its quality craft brews.

Well played. Come on, Peyton Manning. Step up your beer game, man. Drink some of those bad boys and there’s little chance he’ll go back to Bud Light. If he likes good flavor and, you know, tasting his beer.