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Carmelo Anthony, when informed of back-to-back games: ‘We have another game? S–t’ (video)

New York Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony seems to be enjoying himself a lot more as of late. Winning will do that. The Knicks have won five straight after dispatching the Phoenix Suns on Monday night by a score of 98-96 in overtime.

Anthony went off for 29 points (although he went 9-24 from the field) and 16 rebounds in the win.

After the game, Carmelo insisted that the team is just plugging along and trying to keep things on a roll.

“We working, we taking it one day at a a time. It’s coming around for us,” said Anthony, via “We gonna continue working and go from there.”

But it is not those comments that are attracting all the attention on Tuesday. During his postgame interview with MSG Network’s Tina Cervasio on the court, Carmelo learned that the Knicks were hitting the road and had a game against the Charlotte Bobcats on Tuesday night. Anthony’s surprised reaction was priceless.

“We have another game? S- -t,” said the always-eloquent Anthony.

Carmelo explained later that he was in fact well-aware of the team’s upcoming game on the following night and knew that the Knicks would be departing on a flight to North Carolina two hours after the game.

“I was just saying another one so fast with the quick turnaround,” Anthony said, according to a New York Post report.

Really, in this day and age, is it that big of a deal to drop an s-bomb on live television? While the curse word used to be a no-no on TV, it is now uttered routinely on television, even on shows airing on basic cable channels, so who cares, right?

Actually, someone out there cares and is firing off an angry letter to the MSG Network right now. Damn people.