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Pastor tears through sermon in one minute to avoid missing 49ers playoff game (video)

Sure, NFL fans who happen to be churchgoers can simply skip out on a Sunday service if it happens to interfere with something, you know, more important, like a playoff game. But what to do if one happens to be a pastor how is morally obligated to tend to his flock on Sundays, despite the desire to watch some football like the rest of the heathens?

Simple. Bust out a sermon in less than a minute. At least that is how Pastor Tim Christensen of the Gold Hill Lutheran Church in Butte, Mont. dealt with the issue of otherworldly salvation versus earthly delights. And as we all can agree, watching playoff football is worth committing a sin or two or ten.

You see, Pastor Christensen is a bit-time San Francisco 49ers fan and he would be hellbent if he was going to miss a substantial portion of his favorite NFL team’s showdown with the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, a game which had a kickoff at the same time as the scheduled service.

Watch as Pastor Christensen simply blows the doors off as he greets his congregation, speeds through a sermon and then display that the 49ers are as close to his heart as the Lord Jesus — at least on this day — by closing the quickest sermon ever by Kaepernicking — which is okay, because as far as I can tell that move does not violate any of the Ten Commandments — unless Colin Kaepernick is a god, which I’m pretty sure he is not. He then pulled his robes open to reveal 49ers shirt for all the congregation to see. Bravo.

Peace be with you, Pastor Christensen.

Praise the Lord, Hallelujah and go 49ers! That’s what he was thinking, right? Amen.

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