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Tan line circumnavigating Stewart Cink’s bald head makes it look like the top-half of cue ball (photo)


Now that’s a look, folks. PGA Tour star Stewart Cink is what those of us in the industry (What industry? That’s classified) refer to as “follically-challenged.”

Like most golfers, Cink almost always wears a cap of some sort on the course. He does so to display a sponsor to make some cash, but more importantly, to protect his chrome dome from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Now, Cink certainly is not an overly tanned individual, but the fact that the top of his head never sees the sun creates an absurd coloring dynamic between the bottom half of his head and his scalp. His head looks like a cue ball that has a bottom half that has been drastically discolored after being buried in the ground for a couple of years.

Why would someone bury a cue ball half in the ground, you ask? I don’t know, but that’s the comparison I’m sticking with for Stewart Cink’s sublimely disturbing half-tan, half-white-as-a-ghost head.

Shane Bacon does point out on his Twitter account, however, that there may be some lighting issues at play in the above image, as Cink’s head doesn’t look quite so weird in another photo recently taken.


That’s reassuring.

[H/T Eye on Golf, image via @BTtrey4]