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Selfie of hookah session leads Kevin Durant to claim his Twitter account was hacked (photo)


In a bizarre sequence of events, a selfie was posted via Kevin Durant’s Twitter account on Thursday night that depicted the Oklahoma City Thunder star blowing a huge cloud of smoke out of his mouth, presumably courtesy of the hookah that can be seen in the background.

Of course, smoking a hookah isn’t illegal — many folks use them to smoke perfectly legal tobacco — and something Durant has been spotted doing on an occasion or two in the past.

Still, Durant insisted that his account was hacked in a series of tweets that have since been deleted.

Yoooo somebody hacked my phone though…it’s blowing me, not my twitter my phone

— Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) January 10, 2014

Textin my contacts crazy messages, my mom, dad brother..disrespecting can u do that — Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) January 10, 2014

Obviously it’s me smoking hookah, but I didn’t post it RT @SamsonBaya: “Sorry y’all my phone got hacked” @KDTrey5 just own up to it fool — Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) January 10, 2014

Durant’s claim of dealing with the unfortunate experience of having one’s Twitter account hacked should be considered a completely legitimate characterization of what transpired on their own. It happens all the time. The claim was further substantiated by Durant’s teammate Nick Collison, who replied to a tweet from Deadspin that linked to a story about the incident in which he provides evidence that it couldn’t have been Durant who posted the tweet.

Seems reasonable enough. Either way, Durant appeared to be doing nothing wrong, so no harm, no foul.

In a seemingly unrelated incident, Kendrick Perkins also had a social media adventure of his own on Thursday, when he tweeted a rant directed at Thunder beat writer Darnell Mayberry.


That tweet, too, was deleted. What an odd night in the wacky world of social media for the Thunder. It makes one wonder why athletes engage in it in the first place.

Oh yeah, because it’s supposed to be a way to express oneself and have a bit of fun at the same time. Too bad it often does not work out that way.

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