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Johnny Manziel rocked a retro Brett Favre jersey while having some beers (photos)

The comparisons are there for the taking for obvious reasons. Johnny Manziel, who officially declared for the 2014 NFL Draft earlier this week, arguably is the league’s next quarterbacking gunslinger, which of course means that without even playing a snap as a pro, Johnny Football invariably is being hailed as “The Next Brett Favre.”

Really, who can blame a person for trying to make the connection between the two quarterbacks? Both are larger-than-life personalities who play the game with a similar sense of bravado.

To lend even more credence — or at least provide a compelling visual aid — to the theory, Manziel was spotted out at a College Station bar rocking a Brett Favre jersey.

And no, it wasn’t a Green Bay Packers Favre jersey. Not a New York Jets or a Minnesota Vikings one, either. Nope, Johnny Football opted for a retro Atlanta Falcons Brett Favre jersey.

An additional photo of Johnny Manziel swilling beers while rocking a retro Favre jersey was discovered by Busted Coverage (photo credit: @alegonzalez15)


Probably should mention the Chicago Cubs hat, too. Nice.

Yeesh, Manziel’s eyes look a little bloodshot there. But you know what? Like Favre often did, Johnny Football was just having fun out there.

And for what it’s worth, this isn’t the first time Manziel has been photographed rocking a Favre jersey. Sports Illustrated’s Andy Gray tweeted out this photo of Manziel sporting a Favre jersey when Johnny Football was a wee lad, only four years of age:

Awesome. He looks just like me at that age, only I was rocking a Tommy Kramer jersey. And yet, my football career didn’t go as well as his did. But that’s pretty obvious.