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Check out how the first ‘Madden’ game from 1988 looked on Apple II (video)

The Museum of the Moving Image, located in Astoria, NY, presently is hosting an exhibit called “Madden NFL: 25 Years and Running.” It is described on the museum’s website as follows:

As New York and New Jersey play host to Super Bowl XLVIII this February, Madden NFL: 25 Years and Running looks back on 25 years of the groundbreaking video game franchise Madden NFL. The exhibition explores this landmark series, highlighting the game’s focus on sports simulation, and its aesthetic evolution and enduring cultural legacy. In addition to the five playable games, from the original John Madden Football (1988) on Apple II to the latest release Madden NFL 25 (2013) on Xbox One, presented as a large-scale projection, the exhibition also features a dynamic timeline charting milestones in the series’ development highlighted by gameplay footage from each year.

Above is a demonstration of the archaic gameplay that could be found in the first incarnation of the Madden football video game series, the original “John Madden Football,” and how it looked on an Apple II — what not the Commodore 64? What gives?

The fact alone that the game was available on Apple II is mind-blowing. Who out there in Internetland remembers the Apple II? Raise your hand if your arthritis hasn’t made it nearly impossible to raise one’s arm above one’s head.

What I am getting at here is I’m old. Really, really old.

How far we have come, folks. Look at those graphics. Better yet, look at the game’s cover:


Good grief.

I must make mention of a concept brilliantly alluded to by Anwar S. Richardson over at Shutdown Corner: The fact that a video game I can remember playing now can be included in a friggin exhibit at a museum is a bitter pill to swallow, not to mention that arriving at said realization is a profoundly sobering experience.

Now get off my lawn, you damn kids.