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Jameis Winston is constipated, posts selfie of himself on the toilet not pooping (pic)

Jameis Winston

‘If I could only poop something like this….’

In times of extreme excitement or excessive stress, it is not uncommon for a person to have experience some difficulty with the moving of their bowels. You know, folks get all backed up and stuff. And just because a person happens to be a world-class athlete that does not mean he or she is immune to bouts of constipation.

Just ask Jameis Winston. Fresh off a National Championship, the Florida State Seminoles quarterback is having some bathroom issues. Not only is he constipated, he is confident and self-assured enough to take a selfie of himself on the toilet struggling to poop and then post said selfie to Instagram. No, I ain’t shi**in’ you. See for yourself.

Now that’s a look of concentration and determination, people.

The message attached to the pooping — or more accurately, non-pooping — pic is as follows: “So constipated lol dang but I got greatness behind me even when I take one # realninjaish #believethat.”

Lol, indeed. But what in the hell does the hashtag “#realninjaish” have to do with anything. What kind of pooping does Jameis Winston do? Crazy.

And we can only assume that the “greatness behind me” reference is to the Michael Jordan poster that strangely adorns the wall behind Winston’s toilet. That’s weird in and of itself.

In Winston’s case, perhaps instead of having “greatness behind me,” as he puts it, it may be preferable to have “behind greatness,” whatever that means. You know, given his inability to make stool and stuff.