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Bill Belichick smiled only seven times during post-game pressers this season (video)

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, who at times displays a rather peculiar sense of humor, rarely smiles during interactions with the media. Can’t say that I blame him, but research conducted by the Wall Street Journal reveals just how infrequent it is that Belichick cracks a grin during his post-game press conferences.

This season, the Wall Street Journal has determined that a smile has flashed across Belichick’s face only seven times, an astounding figure considering that 114.5 minutes of press conference footage was reviewed.

On the flip side, former Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan smiled a shocking 387 times during post-game pressers this season. Although in Shanny’s case, he may not have been actually smiling — it’s possible that his face is just frozen that way due to excessive tanning. Shriveled up like a prune left out in the sun for days, you know.

Seven smiles in that amount of time amounts to a paltry one smile for every sixteen minutes Belichick was standing at the podium following a 12-4 season. Imagine how many smiles there would have been on Belichick’s face had those win-loss totals been reversed. Is it possible to have a negative amount of smiles?

Below are screengrabs of Belichick’s emoting of positive feelings, along with a description for each instance.


Smile 1: Oct. 13. After beating the Saints in dramatic, come-from-behind fashion, Belichick smiled when he opened the meeting with an apology for forcing the reporters to rewrite their game stories. He then frowned for the next 13 minutes.

Smiles 2 & 3: Oct. 27. What most tickles Belichick’s funny bone? Tom Brady’s running ability. He smiled twice while talking about his slow-footed quarterback’s key 8-yard scramble for a first down in a win over the Dolphins.

Smile 4: Nov. 24. Former Patriot linebacker Rosevelt Colvin surprised his old coach in the press room with a question about who was the best linebacker he ever coached from the city of Indianapolis. Belichick said Colvin and then laughed (the only documented laugh).

Smile 5: Dec. 8. At the end of the news conference following a wild comeback win over the Browns, Belichick smiled at his own joke about how, in addition to practicing comebacks, the team should practice not falling behind, too.

Smiles 6 & 7: Dec 29. The end of the season brought two smiles: first, when he made a sarcastic comment that Brady has helped the team “a couple times in the past”; second, when he made a crack about how cornerback Aqib Talib was the “assistant pro personnel director” for suggesting the team get running back LeGarrette Blount, his old teammate in Tampa.

While Belichick is known as a serious, all-business and cantankerous sort, only seven smiles in that amount of time is a tad sad. C’mon Bill, to quote Kids in the Hall’s “Brain Candy”: Smile, it’s free.