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Kings goalie Ben Scrivens delivers most unsettling videobomb in the history of videobombs (video)

We’re a bit late getting to this one, but during Tuesday’s game between the Los Angeles Kings and Minnesota Wild at Staples Center, Kings backup goaltender Ben Scrivens — who apparently is nicknamed the “Professor” — presented a master class performance on the artistic process behind how to go about delivering a truly disturbing videobomb.

While teammate Jarret Stoll was conducting an on-ice interview with FOX Sports West’s Patrick O’Neal, Scrivens noticed that he was in prime position to videobomb the interaction between player and reporter.

More accurately, he realized that he had to shift just a bit to his right to place his mug directly between O’Neal and Stoll. And that’s when the magic happened. The unsettling, creepy magic.

Scrivens locked in on the camera with a gaze that pored into the depths of a viewer’s soul. He knows you know. Understands you. Controls you.



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