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V mag’s ‘Why Can’t Kate Upton Keep Her Clothes On?’ cover features peel-back layer (photo)


Well-crafted and brilliantly executed. For the February 2014 issue of V magazine, the publishers came up with an ingenious way to illustrate a question posed and subsequently discussed in the issue: “Why can’t Kate Upton keep her clothes on?”

Obviously, few are complaining about the point that, no, Kate Upton, when modeling, rarely keep her clothes on, but when she does, she’s become something of an oddity in the fashion world: A model known for both high-end, sophisticated photo shoots and very revealing bikini spreads, the latter of course being what gave rise to Upton being arguably the most famous model on the planet.

The cover features a peel-back acetate cover that provides two differing perspectives of Miss Upton: The top cover of course features Upton dressed to the nines, but once the layer is peeled back, Upton is shown in all her curvaceous glory, wearing revealing underwear only.

V’s editor Stephen Gan recently explained the unique aspects of Upton’s modeling career to Women’s Wear Daily as follows.”It has always intrigued me, as I’m sure it has to most readers, how someone gets embraced by the general public for taking their clothes off and loved by the fashion world for keeping them on.”


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