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That’s what I call ‘fore’-play: Thanks to Dustin Johnson, Paulina Gretzky’s golf swing improving (video)

Get it? “Fore”-play? As in “Fore,” the thing a golfer yells after an errant golf shot to warn his fellow players of an incoming ball? And “foreplay” as in, well, you know…

Anyhoo, barely clever wordplay aside, Miss Paulina Gretzky posted a video to her very popular Instagram account on Thursday demonstrating that her golf swing is improving. Hardly surprising given her fiancé, PGA Tour star Dustin Johnson, can probably give her some pointers.

In any event, her swing is definitely decent, and she credits Johnson for the improvement, writing, “Gettin a little better thanks to my coach @djohnsonpga.” How sweet.

And this isn’t the first time she’s used social media to showcase a golf-related item. In January of last year, Paulina posted a photo of herself modeling some very stylish golf pants while taking some swings at the range and looking fantastic.

Yep, she’s a real swinger, that girl. No, not like that, you sickies.

Oh, what the hell. Here’s something for you sickies anyway: Some photos of Gretzky rocking a bikini from when she and Johnson were in Hawaii for some PGA events over the holidays.

Nothing wrong with that.