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Pat McAfee still feels bad about nearly tweeting pic of a nude Andrew Luck


Pat McAfee simply was attempting to capture an image of Adam Vinatieri being interviewed by the media in a presumably boisterous, enthusiastic and jovial Indianapolis Colts locker room following a magnificent comeback playoff win over the Kansas City Chiefs last weekend.

Unbeknownst to the Colts punter at the time when he tweeted the image, in the left-hand corner of the shot, a completely nude Andrew Luck could be seen crouching in front of his locker. The only saving grace from having Long Luck Dong images spreading across the interwebs was a conveniently placed cell phone of a Colts employee a towel held by Luck obscuring the potentially racy image.

Upon realizing the egregious oversight, McAfee — who has something of a sordid past with the Colts to begin with — instantly deleted the tweet and expressed extreme regret over not noticing Luck standing as naked as the day he was born in the background.

According to an NFL Nation report, McAfee claims he attempted to reach Luck “like 400 times” to let him know about the near-nude photo before he saw it for himself. The report further states that McAfee claims he was fined between “one dollar and $3 million by the team.”

Even though it turned out to be a close call and nothing more, the Colts punter still feels really bad about the mistake.

“I still feel bad about it today,” McAfee said. “Luckily Andrew is the best and he wasn’t upset about it.”

Good thing. I imagine there’s nothing more potentially embarrassing for an NFL player than having a nude locker room photo hit the Internet. Visanthe Shiancoe knows what I’m talking about…

On second thought, perhaps in Shiancoe’s case, maybe not so much. For those who have seen the infamous screengrab, you know what I’m getting at. Just saying.