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Michelle Wie shows off brand-new putting stance … while doing the splits (photo)


Apparently, Michelle Wie has run afoul of golf commentators and some of her LPGA colleagues for her unique putting stance. The 24-year-old, however, has seemed to improve her putting proficiency with what is characterized as a “tabletop” stance, something she incorporated into her game in March 2013, in which she bends over quite a bit and actually hovers far over the ball. It is a tad odd to look upon, but it seems to work, so what’s the big deal?

According to SB Nation, the change has improved her putting statistics dramatically. In 2012, Wie was ranked 119th in both putts per green in regulation and putting average and in 2013 Wie moved way up in the rankings, coming in 25th and 53rd in the above-referenced categories, respectively.

Wie decided to have some fun with all the critics and naysayers recently and uploaded evidence of her “new” putting stance to her Twitter account:

Quite the demonstration of flexibility, but I don’t know how that would actually translate into an effective putting stance on the course.

What’s that? She’s joking? Oh, I get it now.

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