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What the fungus? Pro golfer Hideki Matsuyama sports absurdly ginormous cast (photo)


According to a post from Wei Under Par (via Eye on Golf), Hideki Matsuyama, the 21-year-old Japanese golfer who is considered by many to be a rising star on the PGA Tour, suffered a wrist injury that will prevent him from competing this week in the Sony Open.

Matsuyama was spotted roaming the grounds of Waialae CC in Honolulu on Wednesday. Hardly surprising given he just withdrew from the tournament. What is surprising, however, is the ginormous club-like cast he was sporting on his injured left wrist. Seriously, look at that thing!

Only one of the two situations would make that ginormous cast acceptable. One, his wrist in such grave condition that doctors were afraid it lacked the structural integrity to keep his hand attached to his arm. And secondly, Matsuyama was part of some bizarre genetic experiment in which his DNA was combined crustacean and now he has a lobster claw instead of a hand. He looks like some freak villain from the Marvel Universe.

That’s just overkill, man.

(image credit: JJ Tanabe)