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‘Chicks Dig the Long Ball’ commercial from 1999 stars Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine (video)

Great find by Big League Stew that serves as a stark and sobering reminder how the past can look much, much different given its context in history and how perceptions can completely change over time.

It’s especially fitting given it stars Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine, who were voted into the Hall of Fame on Wednesday.

Those old enough to remember undoubtedly recall with fondness the “Chicks Dig the Long Ball” ad campaign from Nike. It stars the then-Atlanta Braves teammates and how the duo become exasperated by how everyone is going crazy over home runs and that no one appreciates that they are Cy Young Award winners.

This gives the two pitchers an idea: Begin working out, training hard and work on their hitting. No mention of any steroid use, of course.

Fittingly, this commercial came one year after Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa mounted their PED-fueled assault on the MLB record books with their historic — and now shamed — display of home run-hitting prowess.

In fact, McGwire’s mug even makes an appearance in the commercial on a billboard. Funny how all these years later Maddux and Glavine are set to be enshrined in Cooperstown and how McGwire saw his unlikely bid for Hall of Fame glory actually take a step backward, garnering only 11% of the vote, his lowest percentage since 2007 (McGwire’s high mark was reached in 2010, when he posted 23.7% of the vote).

Like steroid use, time changes everything.