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Who wears pink shorts? Yasiel Puig wears pink shorts (when he was arrested for reckless driving) (video)


On Dec. 28, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig was arrested (report here) by the Florida Highway Patrol and subsequently charged with reckless driving after he was pulled over for allegedly going 110 mph in a 70 mph zone, a speed in excess of 40 mph over the limit for the mathematically challenged.

On Tuesday, Orange County Register reporter J.P. Hoornstra posted footage to YouTube of Puig’s arrest that had been provided to him by the Florida State Patrol. In it, Puig can be heard apologizing for his unsafe driving, but Gualberto Morales, the arresting officer, wanted nothing of it and essentially spent the time to the two were talking shaming Puig for his reckless behavior.

Roberto Baly of the Dodgers-centric blog Vin Scully is My Homeboy transcribed some of the more relevant dialogue between Morales and Puig, and thankfully tranlated it as well, as most of it was in Spanish:

Yasiel: I’m sorry sir, please don’t take me

Officer: You don’t care about your mom’s life?

Officer: Don’t apologize to me. Apologize to your mom, cousin and the girl inside that car. I saved their lives.

Yasiel: I drove 70 mph most of the time. You got me when I went faster, I don’t know why I started driving fast.

Yasiel: No one wants to see me on TV that you arrested me

Yasiel: I’m sorry sir.

Officer: I told you many times to not apologize to me. you don’t care about your mom.

Yasiel: Of course I care about my mom. I was taking her to see my son.

Yasiel: Can’t you do a favor to a citizen? Please sir.

Yasiel: You let me go now, I will never drive again.

Yasiel: We are talking here, can you uncuff me? I won’t do anything please.

Officer: How old is your son?

Yasiel: 20 days

Officer: I’m not going to tow your car. I saved you some money.

Officer: Be safe. Do it for your mom and son.

And while the back-and-forth between Puig and the arresting officer is indeed intriguing, the most fascinating aspect of the video — other than how the officer tells Puig he saved the ballplayer some money by not having his car towed (that’s a relief) — is the fact that Puig is wearing pink shorts during the incident. I mean, who wears pink shorts?

Oh yeah, Yasiel Puig wears short shorts.

What’s more condemning? Being arrested for reckless driving with your mother in the car or being seen wearing pink shorts during the subsequent arrest on the cop car’s dashboard camera? In the grand scheme of things, probably the former, but the latter ain’t so great, either.

Something tells me some wisenheimer promotions guy for some minor league baseball team is coming up with “Yasiel Puig Pink Shorts Giveaway Night” as this is being written.

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