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Knowshon Moreno explains why he sheds ginormous tears during national anthem (GIF/photo)


For a regional cover of the Jan. 13 issue of Sports Illustrated, the venerable weekly sports publication chose to highlight the enormous tears Denver Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno shed during the national anthem before he and his teammates took on the Kansas City Chiefs on Dec. 1.

The disturbing size of the tears and the intense emotion demonstrated by Moreno shedding them attracted a lot of attention — not surprising, in light of the strangeness of the scene — and at the time, the running back explained that he is simply an emotional guy and was “fired up” and ready to play.

In a piece by Sports Illustrated senior writer Tim Layden for the Jan. 13 issue, the real truth behind Moreno’s tears finally is revealed (via

“It’s always been that way for me, all the way back to high school and college,” Moreno said of the emotional moment. “During the anthem it’s always quiet and still, so I take in the moment and say a little prayer. Usually there’s no camera on me. I thank the Lord for letting me play the game. I thank Him for everything. I run through my whole life right there at that moment. Even the bad stuff.”

Definitely enlightening. With the Broncos hosting the San Diego Chargers on Sunday at Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver, the team will need Moreno at his best, so hopefully, the rendition of the national anthem will be especially emotional and the running back’s tears will pour down his cheeks like rain. Huge, huge droplets of rain.

(GIF via @cjzero)