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Johnny Manziel spotted out on a date in L.A. with busty model Lauren Hanley (video/gallery)

Another day, another video from TMZ covering the comings and goings of Johnny Manziel while the Texas A&M Aggies quarterback lives large in La La Land.

And while we wait to hear officially whether or not Manziel will be a first round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, we are left to focus upon the quarterback’s nighttime habits in L.A.

On Monday, TMZ published a report about Johnny Football exiting a Los Angeles club that included a video which showed he and his entourage had two lovely ladies in tow as they navigated their way out of Emerson nightclub.

Subsequent reports indicated that the blonde lass trailing Manziel was model Lauren Hanely, a young women known as a rising star on the interwebs for some time now.

And now, TMZ has published footage of Manziel’s sojourn out into the wild and wide world of Hollywood nightlife on Tuesday night. In this footage, Manziel is spotted exiting Katsuya, a sushi joint, and hopping in a chauffeur-driven SUV. And just guess who Manziel was escorting out of the restaurant?

You guessed it. Frank Stallone.

Nope, it was Lauren Hanley. Who is quite a looker. And it appears the two may have been on a date, enjoying one another’s company while they noshed on sushi. What a crazy world we live in when high-profile athletes go on dates gorgeous models. Weird, wild stuff.

In the video, the TMZ brah asks some questions about Manziel’s “brain fart” during his appearance on ESPN’s coverage of the BCS title game, but mostly the focus of the video is the woman seen in the SUV with Johnny Football. Because she’s kinda attractive…

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Yeah, she’s pretty attractive.