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Bob Costas goes ‘douche-mode,’ refers to Olympics slopestyle event as ‘Jackass stuff’ (video)

Bob Costas made a recent appearance on “Today” for an interview with Matt Lauer about NBC’s upcoming coverage of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. During a discussion regarding some new events that will debut in Sochi, Lauer turned the discussion to slopestyle, a new snowboarding event.

Given Costas’ smarmy comments, he’s not impressed with the event. Not one bit.

Lauer: We are going to see new events, some new sports we haven’t seen in olympic competition before. slope style, something that you’ve done a lot as a kid, I know.

Costas: No, of course. I think the president of the I.O.C. should be Johnny Knoxville, because basically this stuff is just “Jackass” stuff they invented and called Olympic sports.

Lauer: You mean that in the best possible way.

Costas: I mean it in the kindest way, yes.

Lauer: We could see shaun white thought take center stage in slope style.

Costas: We could very well. And God knows if anyone knows slopestyle, it’s me.

What a … Jackass. And odds are NBC won’t take too kindly to Costas, arguably the face of NBC’s coverage the Winter Olympics, taking a pot shot at an event that is sure to draw in a lot of viewers and generate big ratings.

Because everybody loves Shaun White. Except for Bob Costas apparently.