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Tiger Woods made $83 million in 2013, has surpassed $1.3 billion in career earnings


According to a report that appears in the February issue of Golf Digest, Tiger Woods, after having a banner year on and off the course money-wise in 2013, has now earned over $1.3 billion during his golf career.


ESPN’s Darren Rovell reports that between on-the-course winnings ($12 million) and off-the-course endorsement income and the like ($71 million), Woods made an astoundingly absurd $83 million in 2013.

Since turning pro in 1996, Tiger has made a whopping $1.16 billion in endorsements which amounts to 88% of his career earnings.

Woods did suffer a bit of a lag in endorsement income as a result of the scandal that ensued after details of his worldwide whoremongering came to light, but even in the lean years that followed, Tiger still made bank, with his lowest figures coming in 2011, when he earned a paltry $62 million in endorsement monies. Not a bad haul for a man who was nearly universally viewed as a pariah by both the media and golf fans alike.

Things appear to be on the uptick on the course for Tiger as well. Despite being unable to add to his total of 14 victories in majors, Woods nevertheless won five times on Tour this past year, although that impressive win total will serve as little consolation to Woods. He’d rather win one major and nothing else over an entire PGA Tour season as opposed to racking up victories in what he has always deemed as lesser tournaments.

The lack of a major win in 2013 undoubtedly sticks in Tiger’s craw. Maybe he can cry himself to sleep on those fat stacks of endorsement cash. I know I would.