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Michelle Jenneke doing push-ups? Michelle Jenneke doing push-ups (photo)

It’s been awhile since we’ve checked in on what Michelle Jenneke has been up to, so big ups to Next Impulse Sports for taking a gander at her Instagram account and learning the hottie Aussie hurdler posted a photo of herself on Tuesday nearby a pool doing push-ups.

Sexy push-ups. Speaking of push-ups … never mind.

As I also mentioned in a post about how a photo Jenneke posted on Instagram of herself visiting a beach was generating a buzz, I wish simply uploading a photo of myself doing push-ups would garner so much attention.

Unfortunately for me, if any attention was garnered, it wouldn’t be the good kind. Sigh.

To finish off this post on a more positive note, Miss Jenneke also posted a photo of another poolside workout on Monday:

She added the hashtag “#bootywork” to the post. And how.

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