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J.R. Smith unloads on Twitter hater, may face discipline for untying Shawn Marion’s shoe (video)


A league source reportedly has stated that New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith could face serious discipline from the NBA for his latest shenanigans. According to a New York Post report, a decision regarding exactly what kind of punishment the league will impose upon Smith could come as soon as Tuesday, once interviews are completed.

The source also reportedly mentioned that the NBA has never had to discipline a player for such a bizarre transgression. But with Smith, it seems nothing he does should be considered surprising.

The Post report also mentions that Smith has been suspended by the league twice, once for failing three drug tests that found marijuana and for an elbowing incident involving Jason Terry during last season’s playoffs. Smith has also been fined twice by the league for inappropriate conduct on Twitter, which leads into what may cause Smith to run afoul of the NBA to possibly even a greater degree.

Smith has been roundly criticized for his latest antics and has been receiving a heavy dose of Haterade on Twitter for untying Shawn Marion’s shoelaces during New York’s game against the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday.

With Dirk Nowitzki at the foul line shooting a free throw, Smith bent down and unlaced one of Marion’s shoes.

Smith, in an unwise decision, elected to engage Twitter haters on Monday, leading to the following back-and-forth with one woman, a gal whom Smith didn’t appear to believe was blessed with much femininity:

Ouch. That ain’t right, man. Although what’s worse in the grand scheme of things: Telling a woman she looks like a man or pulling a bush league move like untying an opponent’s shoes during a game? A pretty close call.