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Bryce Harper asks for UFC championship belt, receives one, shows it off (photo)

Last Friday, Washington Nationals slugger Bryce Harper took to Twitter and petitioned several prominent UFC Twitter accounts regarding his desire of receiving an official UFC championship belt. You see, several athletes have been recipients of WWE title belts, but thus far, the UFC has not afforded that particular honor on anyone.

Harper’s online request was responded to by the official Twitter account of the UFC, in which the MMA outfit agreed to send him one, only with one caveat:

To which Harper agreed:

The wheels had been set in motion. And on Tuesday, the fruits of Harper’s social media labor were realized. Representatives from the UFC, which is based in Las Vegas, visited Harper at his gym, which is also in Vegas, and bestowed upon him an official UFC championship belt, something Harper strapped on and continued his workout. Harper proudly tweeted out an image of him pumping iron while proudly showcasing his new accessory.

That’s how you do it, kids. Ask on Twitter, and ye shall receive. Well, if you’re Bryce Harper. People like you and me could send messages to the UFC all we want, we ain’t getting one of those bad boys.

[H/T Big League Stew]