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Packers nearly blocked 49ers’ game-winning FG but were offsides on the play (Photo/GIF)


In what was a so-close-yet-so-far moment in the closing seconds of the San Francisco 49ers’ 23-20 playoff win over the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on Sunday, Packers cornerback Davon House appeared to come inches away from blocking Phil Dawson’s game-winning field goal as time expired.

But lost in all the hullabaloo as the Niners celebrated a hard-fought road victory was that House was flagged for being offsides on the play, an intrusion of the neutral zone that allowed him to be in a place to nearly block the field goal attempt in the first place.

Obviously, the 49ers declined the penalty (as noted in ESPN’s game log — below) and the 33-yard field goal was good (via Business Insider — click to enlarge)


Had House blocked the field goal, the 49ers would have been given another try at the game-winner from 28 yards out, and given the conditions of Lambeau’s brown and beat-up turf, even a field goal from that distance was nowhere close to a sure thing.

In light of field conditions, even with the penalty, House’s block could have dramatically altered the outcome of the game, perhaps even giving the Packers a shot at overtime should Dawson have missed the kick from a closer distance.

So close, and yet, so far.

[GIF via SB Nation, image via For the Win]