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Johnny Manziel spotted leaving Hollywood club with two comely lasses (video)

Texas A&M Aggies quarterback — for now — Johnny Manziel is in La La Land to take part in ESPN’s “Megacast” of the BCS National Championship Game on Monday night. Manziel reportedly will appear as a panelist on the “BCS Title Talk” broadcast on ESPN2 as The Worldwide Leader in Sports goes all-out and big-time in order to provide wall-to-wall coverage of the big game between the Auburn Tigers and Florida State Seminoles.

On Sunday night, Johnny Manziel spent some time enjoying the Hollywood night life by making an appearance at a Florida State alumni soiree at Emerson nightclub.

A TMZ camera crew was stationed outside the event and captured footage of Manziel — with a hoodie pulled up over his head — leaving the event with two attractive young ladies tailing him.

Manziel seemed to be paying no mind to the gals, spending most of the time on camera chatting away on his cell phone, but it was clear that the girls were part of his exit entourage.

Pay attention, NFL fans: Johnny Manziel is the second-coming of a hybrid quarterback/pop culture phenomenon comprised of one-half Brett Favre and one-half Joe Namath; a combination which I assume means his off-the-field antics will enthrall and fascinate us as much as his athletic exploits will thrill fans on the field.

I guess that means we can look forward to a day when Johnny Football does something crazy like drunkenly sending dong picks to a cyborg sideline reporter during an extremely awkward live interview.

Or something like that. There will be cyborg sideline reporter twenty years from now, right?