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Report: James Dolan tells Knicks there are no imminent plans to trade players, fire Mike Woodson


Perhaps one of the greatest things about being a sports fan is watching a high-profile, big-market team stink it up. That is unless one happens to be a fan of said high-profile, big-market team … or the league that said team generates mega-dollars for in television revenue and whatnot.

Be that as it may, watching the sinking ship that has become the New York Knicks this season has been a big market schadenfreude bonanza of sorts. It seems like not a day goes by without the story taking another bizarre turn, from team owner James Dolan taking his frustration out on the Knicks City Dancers to head coach Mike Woodson insisting he believes the team will still win the Atlantic Division, not to mention this brilliant video. And this one. Or the back-and-forth that occurred between Carmelo Anthony and Charles Barkley. It’s all been great, great stuff.

And now comes word that despite all the rumors, conjecture and speculative reports to the contrary, Dolan reportedly pulled the team aside on Thursday and informed them that no major changes are in the offing. No trades — despite persistent rumors about possible trades involving the Knicks. And Woodson will not be fired — again, despite all the rumors that indicate otherwise.

The New York media, of course, is having a field day with Dolan’s alleged pleas for patience, given that he has demonstrated a remarkable lack of that trait in the past. Via the New York Daily News:

It is classic Dolan; a contrarian to a fault. While fans and media call for change, Dolan is promoting the status quo as the Knicks suffer through a potentially epic nightmarish season.

It’s also worth noting that Dolan in many ways painted himself into a corner during his staged, and now infamous, Q&A when he bragged about being a patient owner.

Of course, he characterized himself as patient just weeks after firing general manager Glen Grunwald just before the start of training camp. Also, the interview took place when the Knicks record was somewhat respectable.

It’s also interesting that Dolan would claim that no changes are imminent despite the Knicks front office actively pursuing trades. Moreover, the front office is making contingency plans in the event that Mike Woodson is fired.

In all likelihood, Dolan felt obligated to speak to the team because he fears the constant talk of a coaching change and trade rumors had unnerved the team as well as Woodson.

However the season plays out: The Knicks rebound, the team continues to stink it up under the weight of crippling injuries, Dolan loses his mind (again), this much is for certain: It will be fun to watch, especially if the team continues to trend downward. You know, especially for those who have no allegiance to the team.