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LeBron James on being named AP Male Athlete of Year: ‘Umm Thank You’ (pic)

Whether it was false modesty or a genuine display of gratitude, LeBron James took to his Instagram account and somewhat sheepishly acknowledged being named the 2013 AP Male Athlete of the Year on Thursday.

James became only the third basketball player ever to have the award bestowed upon him its inception in 1931, as he edged out Peyton Manning by securing 31 of the 96 votes cast.

In his comments on Instagram, LeBron seemed taken aback by receiving such a prestigious honor, especially how rare it has been for a basketball player to win it, writing, “Wow! I had no idea how exclusive this award was and especially for a basketball player until I saw the list. I’m so honored and humbled! Really don’t know what to say. Umm Thank You to all who voted for me. #StriveForGreatness #SurealThingsKeepHappeningForMe #IReallyDontGetIt”

Yet again, there goes LeBron with the excessive use of “hashtaggery.” Somebody needs to organize a social media intervention for that guy.

Comments made by LeBron to the Associated Press were similarly modest and appeared genuine, humble and heartfelt:

“I’m chasing something and it’s bigger than me as a basketball player,” James told the AP. “I believe my calling is much higher than being a basketball player. I can inspire people. Youth is huge to me. If I can get kids to look at me as a role model, as a leader, a superhero … those things mean so much, and that’s what I think I was built for. I was put here for this lovely game of basketball, but I don’t think this is the biggest role that I’m going to have.

“I don’t think I’ve changed much this year,” James said. “I’ve just improved and continued to improve on being more than just as a basketball player. I’ve matured as a leader, as a father, as a husband, as a friend.”