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There’s no milk in them there teats! Johnny Manziel got felt up by Chick-fil-A cow (photo)

Wherever Johnny Manziel goes, he invariably attracts attention. But does that mean he deserves to be accosted by a randy cow? Apparently so.

Johnny Football and his Texas A&M Aggies teammates are in Atlanta, Ga. to square off against the Duke Blue Devils in the Chick-fil-A Bowl at the Georgia Dome on New Year’s Eve. Given the sponsor of the game, it is no surprise that one of the fast food (not fast food — good food quickly) chain’s trademark bovine mascots was on-hand for an official “Team Welcome Party” at a local Dave & Buster’s.

What is surprising is how handsy the cow got with Manziel, coming up from behind the superstar quarterback, accosting the young man and then feeling him up.

As stated above, a cow righteously can feel “udderly” irate over the manner in which the noble species has been used and abused by its human overlords, but that does not give one of them the right to try milking one of us. Especially a male. That makes no sense at all.

“Eat Mor Chikin” may be the cows’ motto, but overt violation of a person’s personal space seems to be their method.

[H/T Good Bull Hunting]