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Sexy U.S. soccer star Alex Morgan got a sexy (?) leopard onesie for Christmas (photo)

We have all grown to know and love Alex Morgan on the interwebs, mostly due to her affinity for posting semi-salacious photos and videos alongside her partner in crime, Sydney Leroux. Or for the fact that she mimicked Katy Perry perfectly for an ESPN The Magazine photo shoot.

The 24-year-old U.S. women’s soccer player is a bona fide superstar. So much so that her posting a photo on Instagram showcasing a leopard-patterned onesie that she got for Christmas qualifies as “news.”

And as you can see, it’s really not that sexy of an outfit, especially by Miss Morgan’s standards. Although if anyone can make a leopard onesie look good, it’s Alex Morgan.

As For the Win notes, Morgan sported a much sexier version of leopard-inspired clothing for one of her Halloween costumes a few months ago:

Yep, that’s nicer. Much, much nicer. Although definitely not as snuggly and warm as the onesie, I’d reckon.