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Uh-oh, Ronda Rousey said ‘sh**ty’ during live interview on SportsCenter (video)

Ronda Rousey let her inner pottymouth out for all the ESPN-watching world to see during a live interview that aired Thursday on “SportsCenter.”

On ESPN’s flagship program to promote her upcoming UFC women’s bantamweight championship bout against Miesha Tate on Saturday at UFC 168, Rousey uttered a naughty word during her comments, saying “sh**ty” before ESPN censors could hit the “dump” button.

After being informed that she was appearing on live television, Rousey feigned ignorance by implying she was unaware she couldn’t say “sh**ty” on TV before coyly putting her hand up over her mouth and then apologizing.

Perhaps she was truly sorry for her mistake, but most folks who know a thing or two about Ronda Rousey and her often over-the-top antics probably aren’t buying her excuse for one second and will insist she knew what she was doing the entire time. Either way, it made for interesting viewing.

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