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Nearly seven minutes of Mike Woodson looking frustrated, dejected, defeated (video)

To say that the New York Knicks are experiencing a frustrating and embarrassing season thus far would be a drastic understatement. Following the 123-94 breatdown at the hands of the Oklahoma City Thunder on Christmas Day, the Knicks now are 9-19.

Of course, when a team stumbles out the gate as horribly as the Knicks have this season, the head coach inevitably — and oftentimes, deservedly — receives a lion’s share of the blame. Mike Woodson presently finds himself in a veritable no man’s land, a coaching purgatory where there’s a decent chance he simply is waiting for the other shoe to drop before he’s let go by owner James Dolan. So may argue it would be the merciful thing for Dolan to do, but that does not mean that Woodson has been enjoying himself this season, either.

A clever compilation has been created that documents just how miserable Woodson has been during the season’s first 28 games. Watch as Woodson demonstrates varying levels of frustration, exasperation and a pervasive, soul-sucking sense of defeat.

It’s nearly seven minutes long and the pained looks on Woodson’s face are priceless. Unless you’re a Knicks fan. Then it’s simply a case of misery loves company. It’s reasonable to believe that this irate Knicks fan can sympathize with Woodson. Either that or this video will only make him angrier.

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