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Cue up ‘Axel F’: Chip Kelly says Eagles won’t ‘fall for the banana in the tailpipe trick’


The Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys square off on Sunday night with a spot in the postseason stake. Whichever team wins the game takes the NFC East title and a spot in the playoffs.

Much of the discussion this week surrounding the showdown has revolved around whether or not Tony Romo will play. While odds appear to be slim to none that his back injury will heal sufficiently enough to take the field, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly insists that his team will not be suckered into preparing any differently for the game, even if Kyle Orton is under center come Sunday evening.

Kelly told the Philadelphia media on Thursday that even though the Cowboys have a number of key players populating its injury report, the team will be ready and its collective mindset is calm, cool and collected.

And Kelly articulated his thoughts by invoking an amusing reference from a nearly-30-year-old movie, “Beverly Hills Cop.”

Via a tweet from Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer:


Nice. And just in case the reference to the Eddie Murphy classic is falling on deaf — or too young — ears, here’s the scene:

I suppose if one is to make a dated pop culture reference inspired by an Eddie Murphy film from the 1980s, “Beverly Hills Cop” is the way to go. But personally, I would have opted to go with one of my favorite Eddie flicks, “The Golden Child.” I don’t know, something like, “The team will be prepared and their mindset is strong. We don’t care if it is Tony Romo, Kyle Orton or Sardo Numsie playing quarterback. It makes no difference.”

Oh, and by the way, “Axel F” is song off the “Beverly Hills Cop” soundtrack. Man, I’m old.

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