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Why do Patriots players refuse to give Tom Brady high-fives? (GIFs)

The New England Patriots had plenty to celebrate on Sunday in light of the 41-7 thrashing the team laid on the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium.

Unfortunately for Tom Brady, nary a teammate appeared to feel compelled to high-five the quarterback on the sideline. So there was Tommy Boy, walking around awkwardly with his arm raised, hand waiting for validating contact. But no one bit, not a soul, leaving Brady looking like a complete friendless loser.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Brady has been rebuffed on high-five efforts this season. Earlier this year, Brady stretched out his hand to Julian Edelman while seated on the bench, only to have his teammate stroll on by, leaving him hanging.

Awkward. Nearly as awkward as when Brady appeared to be scoping out a lovely lady or his little shoulder-shimmy dance-type thing, two sadly sterling examples of some very un-Brady-like sideline antics from this season.

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