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Steve Spurrier’s yoga ball hump receives R. Kelly’s ‘Bump ‘n Grind’ treatment (video)

This week, a video of South Carolina Gamecocks head coach Steve Spurrier doing a push-up workout with a yoga ball became an Internet sensation.

The subtle yet unintentional sensuality of the Ol’ Ball Coach’s “humping” of said yoga ball had a quasi-sexual quality on its own. But when R. Kelly’s “Bump ‘n Grind” is added as the soundtrack — not to mention a prelude where Spurrier and the yoga ball are shown separately (you know, to build the sexual tension) over the R.Kelly groove — really seals the deal that what Spurrier and that yoga ball shared in that magical moment was a coupling that contained an unbridled passion generally unseen between a man and a piece of exercise equipment.

The voyeuristic quality of the original video lends the scene an even heightened feel of inappropriateness. If that’s possible.