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For some reason, Dr. Pepper sent Justin Tucker a bunch of soda for 6-field goal game (photo)

On Monday night, Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker booted himself into the national spotlight with a remarkable display of spheroid-kicking acumen, accounting for all of his team’s scoring by going 6-for-6 on field goal attempts, the last being a 61-yard long-ball whopper that gave the Ravens an 18-16 win over the Detroit Lions.

On Thursday, posted evidence on Instagram of a very special gift he received from Dr. Pepper: A bunch of Dr. Pepper (what did you expect? Mr. Pibb?).

The bottles and cans of soda were customized, each paying tribute to each field goal made during Tucker’s amazing outing.

Tucker thanked Dr. Pepper, writing, “Thanks @drpepper for sending the gift basket with these individually labeled cans & bottles! #OneofaKindGameday.”

He’s got that right. And now I want to be a Pepper, too. Huh. Dr. Pepper really should think about using that as a motto.

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