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Jim Irsay gave all Indianapolis Colts players Xbox Ones for Christmas (photo)

Following practice at the team’s facility on Friday, Indianapolis Colts players received a pretty cool and extravagant Christmas gift from owner Jim Irsay: An Xbox One.

Colts long-snapper Matt Overton tweeted the above photo revealing what a great boss Colts players have.

Retailing at about $500 — depending on accessories included — it makes sense that Irsay bought each and every player a console, especially in these trying economic times.

But all kidding aside, Irsay’s thoughtful Christmas gift does beg the question: What do millionaires — or billionaires — give one another for Christmas? It’s gotta be tough, right?

Given the price of the basic console pack and a 53-man roster — maybe practice squad players got Xbox Ones, too (who knows?) — that would mean Irsay plunked down at least $26,500 for the Christmas gifts. Certainly not chump change, but given that Irsay’s net worth is somewhere in the range of $1.6 billion (according to Forbes), it’s not like he’s sweating the extravagant purchase much.

[H/T Extra Mustard]