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Fantasy football owner threatens on Twitter to put ‘four bullets’ in Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson

In yet another irresponsible demonstration of the disturbing trend of Twitter users making threats against a pro athlete, a guy who goes by @RoiJosef not only posted the above message, he also directed it to the accounts of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

Of course, given the coverage his ill-advised and threatening tweet is receiving, the post has been deleted.

Sadly, this despicable display of unhinged online behavior quickly is becoming commonplace, and seems to rear its ugly head more frequently when it involves a person’s unhappiness with a player due to his spot on their fantasy football roster.

In October, New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs received threats to both himself and his family should he not perform well in an upcoming game, prompting Jacobs to state that fantasy football owners are “a huge problem.”

What compels a person to post such a thing? Some mistaken sense of online anonymity, despite the fact that nothing posted on the Internet is truly anonymous? Whatever it is, it’s frightening, especially for the pro athletes who have to put up with this potentially dangerous missives. A threat is a threat, no matter how little of thought was put into the message before its posting.

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