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Young 49ers fan’s letter to Seahawks: ‘A virus will come into your throat and give you the flu’ (pic)


A six-year-old San Francisco 49ers fan with a vivid imagination has penned an open letter to the Seattle Seahawks that assures the team of ill luck, pestilence and plague should they cross a line he has drawn in the sand.

Okay, it wasn’t really a threat of a plague that he wished upon the Seahawks, just the flu.

Oh dear. It looks like young and disgruntled Cincinnati Bengals fans aren’t the only kiddies with a penchant for writing somewhat troubling letters to support their favorite football team.

Deadspin, once again, was all over this one, too — as the site was with the young Bengals fan letter — and transcribed the letter it received from a reader who claims his six-year-old son has been writing disturbing letters every week before 49ers games, the one above coming before the Seahawks-Niners game a few weeks back. It reads:

“Seahawks, a sea serpent is watching the game. If you win, it will eat the fans and eat you. A virus will come into your throat and give you the flu. You’ll probably need a flu shot at Fred Meyer. No Seahawks beyond this point.”

Worth noting: Fred Meyer is a pharmacy chain in the Pacific Northwest, so the kid presumably resides in Seahawks Country. That might help explain his animosity towards his favorite team’s bitter divisional rival.

Frightening imagery. Sea serpents devouring fans and team alike, like some kind of savage, rival team-eating, serpentine Kraken? Weird stuff.

One way or the other, this youngster may have a future in writing fantasy novels tinged with scientific nightmare fiction about how infectious disease outbreaks decimate specified populations due to its assumed NFL allegiances. Now that’s something I would read.