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Kid writes letter to Bengals punter Kevin Huber, hopes ‘that Steeler player loses his house’ (photo)


A 7-year-old Cincinnati Bengals fan has penned an adorable — if not slightly sinister –letter of support to Cincinnati Bengals punter Kevin Huber in light of the injury he suffered during Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Huber suffered a broken jaw and reportedly a cracked vertebrae as a result of an cheap shot courtesy of Steelers linebacker Terence Garvin during an Antonio Brown punt return.

The young Bengals fan’s letter, originally posted by his father, has since been deleted from Twitter for some reason –which is why the editorial decision has been made to crop the photo in order to remove the boy’s name — but Deadspin has preserved the well-written correspondence for perpetuity.

It reads:

Dear Kevin,

I hope you feel better soon. I am mad at the Steelers because you are my #1 player. I am 7 years old and love the Bengals and Bearcats. I know you played for the Bearcats and Bengals and I love the teams. I hope that Steeler player loses his house and has to live in his car.

Get well soon,

(name omitted).

Yikes, kid. Of course, this comes from a 7-year-old boy understandably upset about Garvin’s cheap (and illegal) shot at Huber’s head. Young fans can be very emotional about such things and this little guy should be given a pass for his comments about wishing homelessness on Garvin.

Adults, sadly, can be far more unhinged in how they articulate their anger about sports, which is a scary thought onto itself.

But Huber has demonstrated a good sense of humor about the entire ordeal. Perhaps how the Bengals punter has conducted himself should be considered a “teaching moment,” for kids and adults alike.