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Yasiel Puig is training hard this offseason by attaching parachutes to himself and running (video)

Coming off a spectacular rookie campaign with the Los Angeles Dodgers that saw him hit .319, smack 19 home runs and knock in 42 RBI in 105 games — not to mention some stellar highlight reel-worthy plays in the outfield — Yasiel Puig turned himself into a bona fide superstar in the making. Charismatic, athletic, talented, you name it, Puig has got it.

Puig came up just short in National League Rookie of the Year honors, finishing second to fellow Cuban-born ballplayer José Fernández, so Puig is taking his offseason training very seriously in order to take the next step and become a consistently dominant force game in and game out.

You can tell he’s serious because he has employed parachutes in his training.

Looking like some kind of human version of a dragster — huh? — Puig uploaded a video to Instagram that documents a recent workout conducted at a track. There are the aforementioned parachutes, mini-hurdles and other assorted training equipment. There’s a lot of jumping. Up and down, side to side, all that jazz.

All in all, it’s really not that interesting. Except for the parachutes. Those things are pretty cool. Wind resistance and drag must make running harder or something,  I guess. I wouldn’t know. I don’t run period.

Puig also was named the MLB Network’s “Socially Savvy Rookie.” Which is pretty cool.

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