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Mario Chalmers drops spinny videobomb on Dwyane Wade following Heat’s win (video)

The Miami Heat are becoming almost as well-known for their post-game videobombing antics as they are for their in-game heroics. With Chris Bosh leading the way — although Dwayne Wade gave a good accounting of his cartwheeling skills a few weeks back when videobombing LeBron James — it seems like not a week goes by without one Heat player engaging in some videobomb shenanigans. And the above examples are just from this season.

On Monday night following a 117-94 upending of the Utah Jazz, Mario Chalmers got in on the videobombing action, flying into the frame and grabbing then spinning D-Wade around in a complete disruption of his post-game interview.

Those crazy kids. Although Chalmers should be a bit more careful. Wade ain’t as spry as he was in his younger days. Handle that dude with care, man.

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