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Jason Dufner accidentally taps ball with putter while addressing it, hits it sideways (video)

Jason Dufner arguably is the most interesting golfer in the worldsave for Miguel Ángel Jiménez, of course. Not only because of the entire Dufnering thing, but the way in which his modesty, even-keeled approach to the game is so strangely and surprisingly compelling.

Dufner just goes about his business and is somehow fascinating. There’s also the matter of his drop-dead gorgeous wife Amanda, not to mention how much fun he appeared to enjoy winning the PGA Championship at Oak Hill in August, including how he says he ate Taco Bell out of the Wanamaker Trophy.

And then, something like what occurred during Sunday’s play at the Frankln Templeton Shootout happens and then we realize that there is more to Dufner than meets the eye.

While sizing up and lining up a putt, Dufner inadvertently tapped his ball, sending it sliding sideways. Oops.

Playing partners Chad Campbell and Dustin Johnson seemed to enjoy it a bit more than Dufner, but he had the last laugh when he launched the ball into a nearby water hazard with remarkable hand-eye coordination.

Maybe a another visit to the cryogenic chamber would do Dufner some good. Couldn’t hurt, right?

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