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Goal Cam provides interesting view of Chicago Blackhawks Ice Girl bending over (video)

During a recent Chicago Blackhawks game at United Center, the “Goal Cam” afforded onlookers a rather up-close, interesting and provocative view of an Ice Girl performing her duties as a crease-cleaner-upper.

Never before has shoveling been so sexy and voyeuristic. Yeah.

Any attempt to identify the Ice Crew member from the 2012-13 Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew page proved fruitless as the headshots did not provide the necessary perspective provided by the above video to make a positive identification. That’s probably a good thing. Especially for the unidentified Ice Girl.

Internet fame can be a double-edged sword and what young lady wants to be known for an upskirt video shot from a goal cam at an NHL arena? Well, there are some, I’m sure, but not a gal who would be selected to be a member of the Blackhaws Ice Crew.

[H/T Barstool Sports, via Bob’s Blitz]