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Rob Gronkowski on a motorized scooter? Rob Gronkowski on a motorized scooter (photo)


After a series of starts, stops and setbacks early on this season, Rob Gronkowski’s triumphant return from a slew of surgeries in the offseason came to a knee-busting halt when Cleveland Browns safety T.J. Ward’s helmet came violently crushing into the New England Patriots tight end’s right knee during a Dec. 8 game.

And the news the next day was dire indeed, as an MRI revealed that Gronk suffered a torn ACL and MCL, ending his season. Although most expected the worst after Gronkowski stayed down on the field before being hauled off the gridiron on a cart.

Speaking of carts, the wild man was spotted over the weekend scooting around a motorized grocery cart scooter thingy at a Whole Foods in Rhode Island.

Gronk looks happy enough to pose for a photo with some young fans, but still, that’s gotta suck. I mean, how many necessities — for Gronk, probably frozen pizza, booze and seven or eight whipped cream cans (“…in the back of the ride and bust with the Whippit”) — can fit into that tiny basket? Although it warrants mentioning that Whole Foods isn’t really the right store to procure those kind of items, but oh well.

The photo leaves me with something of a conundrum: Do I go with the “Seinfeld/George Costanza Motorized Scooter” reference or a “Dumb and Dumber/”I got robbed by a sweet old lady on a motorized cart and I didn’t even see it coming!” reference?

I suppose I just went with both. Sweet.

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