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Kid Giants fan yelling ‘You suck!’ at Eli Manning picked up by FOX mics (video)

Eli Manning put up a dumpster-fire-burning-uncontrollably-aboard-a-train-about-to-wreck kind of performance on Sunday in the New York Giants’ 23-0 shutout loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Manning threw five interceptions while going 18-31 for a measly 156 yards within the previously friendly confines of MetLife Stadium.

The five picks were a career-worst for Manning, as the Giants fell to 5-9 and ensured a losing record for the first time since 2004.

“It probably pretty much shows why we’re in this situation where we have only five wins and they are the top of the NFC and playing great football,” Manning said following the game, characterizing the season-long slump in a somewhat downplayed manner.

But if one is looking for a blunt assessment of Manning’s dreadful performance on Sunday, a young Giants fan’s exasperated reaction to the quarterback’s fourth interception of the game put everything in its proper perspective.

FOX Sports’ microphones picked up the young fan’s brutal commentary, during which he said plainly, “You suck, Eli! You suck!”

That’s harsh, man. Manning should expect things like this on the road — like the gender-bending jape Chargers fans pulled last week — but at his home stadium? Ouch?

There really isn’t much anyone can say to counter the kid’s opinion of Manning’s play. At least on Sunday — not to mention many other gamedays this season, Eli Manning did suck.

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